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Welcome to North West Canaries

Specializing in Red Mosaic Mutations

We are a local business that specializes in breeding healthy and beautiful Red Mosaic Mutations. Our canaries are carefully bred and raised to showcase their unique qualities and characteristics. We are passionate about sharing our love for these birds with others and helping our customers find the perfect addition to their family. Contact us today to learn more about our canaries.

Before Ordering: (360) 424-2242

Kindly note that calling is a more effective means of placing orders compared to emailing. We encourage you to call for all orders as subsequently emails will take a longer time to reply so we can get detailing on your purchase. This allows us to have a hard copy of your order for reference. Shipping costs are inclusive of all boxes, and for orders of 20 or more, there is a flat shipping charge. We primarily ship through Delta Cargo or Northwest Cargo, but for smaller orders, USPS is also an option. We guarantee the live arrival of birds, and in case of any issues, a refund will be provided. Please report the condition of the birds within one hour of delivery to be eligible for a refund. Failure to do so may result in no refund. Please be aware that there are limitations to the extent of coverage.

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