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  • How do you ship out canaries?
    We utilize our exclusive boxes, as showcased in the "Contact" section, to ensure that our canaries arrive without soiling their feathers, while still providing ample space for their well-being during transit. These boxes are our standard method of shipment. Additionally, we take care to label the boxes, ensuring that couriers maintain the canaries in an upright position to preserve their condition. We primarily ship through Delta Cargo or Northwest Cargo, though USPS is an option for smaller orders at a specified rate. We stand by our commitment to guarantee the live arrival of birds or offer a refund. However, we reserve the right to investigate potential instances of fraud, which may result in the absence of a refund. Upon receipt of the birds, it is expected that you contact us within one hour to report their condition. Please note that coverage limitations apply to the extent of our guarantee.
  • What are the prices of canaries?
    Determining the value of canaries isn't straightforward, as it's not solely based on birth traits. Factors like design elements play a significant role. Additionally, the survival and appearance of each bird can't be guaranteed until we assess them after molting. Feel free to reach out to us via phone for assistance with any inquiries.
  • What mutations do you breed?
    We don't just focus on red mosaic mutations in lipochrome, melanic, and new colors. We also breed various other mutations. For a comprehensive list and images, please check out "Our Canaries." Additionally, some birds may potentially carry split genes for Agate, Isabel, Opal, or Pastel varieties.
  • Do you have repeat customers?
    Consistently, we welcome both returning and new customers who have experienced successful breeding seasons. Our dedication to maintaining high standards not only enhances the elegance of our canaries but also emphasizes their health and well-being. We take great pride in the frequent recommendations we receive. If you're skeptical, why not experience it firsthand?
  • What are mosaic canaries?
    At NorthWest Canaries, our specialty lies in Red Mosaic Mutations, a passion close to my heart. My life's work has been dedicated to the study and mastery of these mutations. Mosaics are divided into two distinct lines: Male and Hen. These lines are separate categories in competitions. Male Lineage Hens typically possess a larger mask compared to their male counterparts, although not always complete. On the other hand, Hen Lineage Males exhibit a smaller mask, which complements the appearance of the hens. In melanic mosaics, various factors contribute to achieving a balance in both traditional and innovative color designs. Their gender differences are visually apparent, eliminating the need to determine sex through cloacal inspection.
  • What do you use to color feed your red mosaics?
    We utilize red carophil to enhance the vibrant red coloration of our mosaics, giving them an intense hue. Our preferred source for carophil is obtained from Canary Culture ( , known for their high-quality and trusted products. It's important to exercise caution with carophil usage, as overfeeding can be harmful to canaries. If you notice red discoloration in their droppings, it's a sign of excessive intake, potentially affecting their liver health.
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